About US

Asalaam Alaykum wa rah ma tullah hi wa barakathu May allah swt bless you all Ameen.

We are a company based in Leeds

We specialise in our customers needs.

We have a great relationship with our sisters in islam and am very grateful to be meeting lovely sisters along the way.

We are very flexible to how you contact us, visit us and with other requests you would have regarding sizes especially larger sizes which with your measurements can be made on request have a look at our collection in sha Allah we can modify slightly from buttons to zips and colours and sizes especially to accommodate breastfeeding mothers. 

We have built trust between our customers and have had many customers coming back due to the quality and different designs of our Abayas.

We started off from a Facebook page Amy Amyz Creations and alhumdullilah are growing fast as to why I decided to set up a website.

I have had the chance to do website myself and it was a great challenge hope you enjoy looking at my products and making your purchases.

Any enquiries you can contact Amy on 07712706583 via Text, WhatsApp.

JazakAllah khair for looking.

Amy Amyz Creations